Protect Safety Plus

High security systems

In order to achieve the maximum security, our PVC windows are supported by a peripheral security system of hinges with different anchoring points which are organized in a strategic way along the whole structure.

Anti-lever windows equipped with an interior block handle and laminated glass of 6 security sheets and European approval P4-A anti-robbery. We also provide P5-A glasses in the case that an extreme security level is required and an extraordinary window support.

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We have a great variety of armour-plated glass that fulfills each necessity: glasses for the home, businesses, shop windows, jeweleries, etc.

The armour-plated glasses guarantee the physical security of people: in case the glass is broken, it is not broken in many pieces so nobody can be hurt.

In Portes & finestres we have glasses of with proofing camera, thermal and acoustic, with anti-theft security and even bullet-proof.

Alarm Contac

Doors and windows with alarm. We offer the possibility of incorporating to each door or window a sensor connected to the alarm of the home. When there is a strong impact of the frame of the leaf, the alarm gets activated. An intermittent light can also be incorporated if it gets activated together with the alarm.

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