Thermal glass

In Portes & finestres we have a wide variety of glasses and cameras. There are more than 90 different models of glasses at your disposal in order to satisfy the necessities of each customer.

A location. A glass.

Depending on the location of each door and window, we need a specific glass.

The double and thermal glass with a basic camera is made of 4/20/4 of low emission. In those areas where the temperature is lower, such as mountain areas, we install the triple glass with double camera 4/16/4/16/6. In places where the temperature is more stable we recommend low emission glass such as 4/22/4.

All our glasses can be used with acoustic awning and with security protection

Acoustic glass

Acoustic pollution is one of the big problems in big cities and in homes which are close to roads or areas where vehicles circulate.

In order to face this problem, in Portes & Finestres we offer glass with proofing cameras with Silence treatment. The “Standard” model achieves to reduce up to 36Db (decibels); other superior models can eliminate up to 45Db by means of the technical configuration 4+4Si/16/4+4Si.

Our windows are equipped with perimeter hinges that create an absolute secrecy reinforced by the double camera between the frame and the leaf.

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