Garage doors



The sectional garage doors offer an exceptional commodity and its functioning is very simple. They are motorized and are controlled via radio. The door has a parallel shift in the ceiling and incorporates contact sensors in order to avoid accidents. A proximity sensor can also be installed.

This kind of door is fabricated by means of “Sandwich” panels that consist of two steel sheets. It is 20 or 40 mm thick and is refilled with polyurethane fibre. We can also use this kind of garage door with solid wood and treated against humidity in order to guarantee a long useful life of the product. We have a wide variety of colors and models.

Thanks to the stiffness of the materials, we build garage doors bigger than 5000 mm wide.


The roll-up doors do not slide towards the ceiling but they have their own metallic drawer. Therefore, there is more available space. They are motorized via radio, they have a contact sensor in case it detects any obstacle and are controlled by remote control.

They are fabricated with high quality aluminum and have no corrosion. We offer 10 years of guarantee as regards the door and 5 years as regards automatisms.

We have a wide range of finishes, colours and accessories at your disposal.


Maximum commodity for your day-to-day. In Portes & Finestres we have a great range of automatisms to complement any type of garage door.

A whole word of technology at your service. Contact sensors, proximity sensors, antilever security, opening and closing systems of high speed, design remote controls, multifunction systems in a single remote control (up to 4 different functions in a single device), fingerprint reader of recognition and control, presence control and codified digital switches.


In Portes & Finestres we can offer garage doors fabricated with solid wood. The wood is 100% natural and treated in a careful way to avoid parasite plagues and preserve it from humidity and temperature changes.

We have different models according the preferences of each customer. We also offer more classical prototypes for frames that highlight the wood or long strips and wood doors with a more minimalistic and elegant tone.

We work with the best wood in the market: pine wood from Flandes or Hemlock (coniferous wood of honey tonality).

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