Doors and windows



The PVC profiles of all our doors and windows incorporate a structure of multiple cameras in order to guarantee an optimal sound and acoustic proofing, together with aesthetic beauty. The customer will be able to choose among more than ninety types of glass, thermal and acoustic according to the needs and features of the space. We even offer you the possibility of setting up a triple glass in cities where the outside temperature is more demanding.

We personalize each window according to the needs and preferences, regardless that the material is PVC, aluminium, wood or any of their varieties. This is the reason why we have an available range of colours and textures to be combined according to the preferences and criteria of the costumer.


The profiles that we offer are “Break Thermal Bridge” (R.P.T)” type. By means of this combination we achieve to insulate the exterior temperature of the interior one by creating comfort and wellbeing spaces. Like PVC, we offer a great range of different arrangements of glass.

Portes & finestres offers a wide selection of aesthetic finishes that can be combined with different kinds of textures and colors. We are a pioneer enterprise in the design sector and a guide for architectures and interior designers, thanks to this capacity of absolute personalizing of each of our products.


All the woods that we use have been dealt with a specific treatment based on a mixture of varnishes and resins that allows protecting them from humidity and avoiding deformations. Our woods do not require any maintenance.

The profiles that we use to elaborate any closure are made of solid wood and come from the most noble trees such as beech, oak-tree, sapelly, cherry tree and walnut tree. We use thermal and acoustic camera glass.

We use the same quality to fabricate covers and porches.

PVC – Wood

Maximum comfort.

Joining together wood and PVC combines the best properties of each material, converting them in an exclusive and totally innovative product.

The wood covers the interior of the home, creating a warm and pleasant atmosphere. The PVC is placed in outside the home and it guarantees a long life for the product without maintenance tasks or deformations caused by adverse climatologic conditions.

Aluminum – Wood

There is wood inside and aluminum outside. There is classical air in the interior and innovation in the exterior.

Joining those materials provides a thermal natural proofing without the necessity of using profiles such as “Break Thermal Bridge”.

A wide range of different glasses is offered, according to your needs. Acoustic glass is used to reduce noise pollution, thermal glass to keep a constant temperature and laminated glass to guarantee the security of the home by means of the system “protect security”.

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