Curtains and roller blinds


At the same time that we design spaces with a lot of light, we are also worried about the fact that in certain moments light can alter your rest or intimacy.

Therefore, following our line of offering quality to our products, we offer you an extremely wide variety of curtains and fabrics which are adapted to each necessity and space.

Indoor roll-up curtains

Child-like, youthful, romantic, austere, etc. fabrics.
Wide variety of colors and transparencies; possibility of installing dull fabrics “Black Out” in order to deprive outdoor light.
Operation systems: chain or engine.

Outdoor roll-up curtains

Thermal and solar protectors, ready to put up with sun, rain and wind, guided and with tensors.
Operation systems: chain, handle or engine (with via radio option).

Folded curtains

Folded curtains are decorative and appropriate to give warm to the home. They are child-like, youthful and easy to combine with any decoration.
Operation system: chain.


Pleated curtains

We introduce a new curtain system; the curtain is totally transparent throughout the day and it lets light go in whereas during the night it is totally dull in order to achieve an excellent rest.
Once they are pleated they occupy little space.
There is a wide variety of colors and textures; transparent, semi-dull and dull.
Operation system: chain or engine.

Venetian blinds

They are classical curtains with aluminum or wood slats.
Our venetian blinds offer novelties such as a system grille that lets light go into without losing intimacy.
Operation system: chain, handle or engine.

Vertical curtains

They are widely used in offices, commercial premises, hospitals, etc. They are very rigid fabrics in order to put up with high use levels such as the manipulation of a big amount of people. We have many different colours and tonalities; they are easy to clean.
Operation system: chain or engine (with via radio option).

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