Enjoy your garden all year. Installing a veranda has lots of advantages. You will be able to enjoy your garden all year regardless it rains, it snows, it is cold or hot; a veranda is always welcoming.

To enjoy the most of the landscape we offer the possibility to install a ceiling entirely made of glass; with solar protection and laminated in order to face the possible winter hailstones.

This kind of closures can be adapted to any land and pavement. They are built according to the available space and the desires of the customer.


Covers are used to enlarge the useful meters of the home. Its goal is to cover a terrace or any lost space up to this moment.

Covers are fabricated by means of “Sandwich” ceilings of polyurethane fiber. All parts are covered with steel sheets. The thickness of each sheet can vary between 20 and 60 mm depending on the type of thermal and acoustic proofing that is required in each installation.

Thanks to the resistance and quality of this product, we can fabricate ceilings of up to 7 meters of depth with an unlimited width.

Glass pergolas

Glass pergolas are small spaces of meeting. Space protected from water and wind. It is a traditional porch to held familiar meetings without losing the natural light.

The pergolas are fabricated to measure and can have different shapes. They are adapted to any space always respecting the design and aesthetics of the home.

This type of closures are installed with security laminated glass and solar protection.

Glass curtain

A glass wall. It is designed to make glass closures by replacing the wall in order to enjoy all the exterior light. They are folded in summer. This system can be installed in many different ways in order to have different kinds of openings.

The glass curtains can be fabricated with a maximum height of 3 meters and the width is adapted in each case. The glass will be heat-strengthened glasses in order to guarantee security.

Folded ceilings

A ceiling that opens and closes whenever we want. Depending on the season of the year we can open or close the glass ceiling. By means of some guides and an engine, the closure folds in the posterior part.

All glasses are laminated and have suffered a solar treatment.

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