Portes & Finestres was created in 1995 and its goal is to offer high-quality windows and closures, following the demand models that are established in the North-European countries.

Thanks to our awards, today we own the Homologated Certification of Energetic Savings and Home Security which has allowed us to become a leader enterprise and a reference in the sector.


Portes & Finestres offers the best services for their customers

  • Closed budgets; they include the dismantling of the old carpentry, the removal of obsolete material, the assembly and setting up the new closure systems.
  • Warranty of 5 years in all our products.
  • Highly qualified technical service supported by Generalitat de Catalunya as an authorized enterprise to apply the programme “Pla Renova’t” of windows and doors.
  • Assembly in arranged hours according to needs.
  • Certifications of materials, installation and official homologations.
  • Maintenance and Revision programs for our assembly.


We are experts in the rehabilitation of houses, flats and commercial locals. We offer the best solutions in acoustic and thermal proofing and patented security systems Safety Plus.

All our systems comply with current environmental regulations and have the energy certificates.

Antirobbery – Safety Plus System®

Portes & Finestres is a leader enterprise in providing the maximum security in all carpentry systems.

Our patented system Safety Plus® allows providing our windows and closures of high quality mechanisms that avoid antilever and offer acrylic camera glasses. All those systems fulfill the maximum European homologation and offer different levels of protection: P2A, P4A and P5A.


In Portes & Finestres we create new habitable spaces, protected from the wind, the rain, the cold and the hot.

With our veranda systems you will be able to enjoy your garden, terrace or any exterior space throughout all the months of the year. Moreover, it will allow you to gain built meters revalorizing the value of your home.

Energetic saving guaranteed

Reduce considerably the expenses in heating and air conditioning of your home thanks to our exclusive closure systems.

The aluminum carpentry can be used with thermal bridge break that guarantees the maximum acoustic and thermal proofing preserving the interior temperature of the home to the maximum level. If you install PVC, the multiple camera systems also offer the maximum benefits as regards energetic saving.

We also offer low-emission treatment glasses which achieves energy savings of up to 55%.

Ask for your budget without obligation.

We will advise you freely.