ANTONI ATZET MORRALLA (“Portes i finestres”) establishes in his legal notice the conditions and terms according to the current regulations as far as the protection of personal data is concerned in order to check the appropriate use and the confidentiality in the treatment of their personal data.

The present Legal Notice will possibly be modified as time goes by due to some possible legislative and jurisprudential changes or criteria followed by the Spanish Agency of Data Protection and/or the competent authority in each moment. That is the reason why “Portes i Finestres” owns the right of modifying the present Legal Notice in order to get adapted with legislative or jurisprudential novelties that exist at the moment the websites are accessed, as well as sector practice.

We express your gratitude and we hope you keep on visiting us.


All the data provided by means of mail or electronic form will be dealt according to the current regulations as regards the protection of personal data, and in all cases they will be confidential for the “Portes i Finestres” staff that process this information.

“Portes and Finestres” will not reveal the personal information that you provide us in this website, except if this is required by the current legislation, by a judicial or by a competent legislative authority.

“Portes i Finestres” is implicated in preserving the intimacy of their customers and users of the web site.

In this web site they are links to other web sites, but bear in mind that this Privacy Politics is only applicable to www.portesifinestres.cat and neither to other places owned by other companies or organisations which have links with www.portesifinestres.cat nor to the contents published in their websites.


We inform the users of the website that the answers to the questions that have been asked in the forms of data in the present website are voluntary, although if you reject to give the asked data can involve the lack of access to the services required.

By means of filling the forms that are include in different websites, all of them related to the serviced offered by “Portes i Finestres”, you accept the inclusion and treatment of data provided by the files of personal data.


If you visit the web, the users do not provide any personal information and they are not required to provide it.

When the user is registered in our secure server, their personal data is added in our data base.

The user authorizes on purpose “Portes i Finestres” so that the data of this register and the one that is obtained by the development of contract relationships between both parts can be given to the companies related with “Portes i Finestres” so that these companies can realize market studies and offer their customers some products and similar services that are attractive to them.

“Portes i Finestres” is implicated in keeping the total confidentiality as far as information that is provided is concerned and use it only for the indicated finalities.

“Portes i Finestres” is proud of the fact that data has been provided by its owner or an authorized person, so that they are no mistakes in them.

This information will never be sold, transferred or hired to other companies, except for…

“Portes i Finestres” is responsible for those files containing personal data, aiming at the maintenance and paperwork with their users, as well as aiming at informing users about promotions and sales of products and services that users can be interested in.

Moreover, we inform you that the information of the data base could be used to identify the users and to realize statistic studies as far as the registered users are concerned.

Throughout the process of collecting data and whenever data is requested, the users will be informed about whether the data that that is gathered is either obligatory or voluntary.

At the moment that users introduce some data they are at they also accept this Privacy Politics, taken for granted that they have been given some information about the conditions of itself and are supposed to fulfil them when they visit and participate in the website.


In agreement with the information duty which is considered in the article 10 of the current Law 34/2002 of July the 11th, …………….. we inform you that:

The website is processed by ANTONI ATZET MORRALLA, the owner and responsible for the website. Through http://www.portesifinestres.cat, Portes i Finestres provides information about its services. Due to the contents and the aim of the website, the people who want to benefit from its services will have to get in touch with Portes i Finestres by means of a contact form. When you register it you accept the Legal Notice of the version published by the time you access the website.

The responsible of the file is ANTONI ATZET MORRALLA, who was registered as a __________ Society in **/**/**** in the Companies Registry Office in Barcelona, Volume **** Sheet **** Section **** with ID Card BXXXXXXXX, didacatzet@gmail.com

The users can exercise their rights (see the anterior section), the recognised rights in the Organic Law 15/1999, and more specifically the access rights, modification, opposition and/or cancellation of data. The rights that have been referred to in the preceding paragraph will be able to be exercised by each user by means of the written and signed form, together with a photocopy of the ID or Passport, and sent in the following address: C. Passeig de Vilesa, 51 House G08391 Tiana – Barcelona.


Portes i Finestres as a part of the services of the user, sends electronic mails regularly for different purposes: confirmation of the creation of a recent account by a user, notifying improvements, novelties or sales that are produced in this website, as well as any type of information about possible products, promotions or sales that can be appealing to them.

The User can unregister by mailing info@portesifinestres.cat


The access to the websites as well as the use of the information and contents included in themselves will be an exclusive responsibility for the person involved. Therefore, the use that is done of the images, contents reviewed and accessible by means of the same, will be dependent on the legality, either national or international, as well as the principles of good faith and licit use by the Users, who will be the only responsible people of the access and appropriate use. The Users will be forced to use the services and contents reasonably, under the good faith and with respect to the current legality, the morals, the public order, the good customs, …….. or the company itself, all that according to their possibilities and responsibilities. Portes i Finestres does not assume any responsibilities, neither direct or indirect, derived from the bad use of services or contents realized by Users or third people.


PORTES I FINESTRES no se hace responsable de las webs no propias a las que se puede acceder mediante vínculos “links” o de cualquier contenido puesto a disposición por terceros.

Portes i Finestres is not responsible for the external web that can be accessed by means of the links or any content. Whatever use of a link or external web is realized willingly and it represents a risk for the user. Thus, Portes i Finestres does neither recommend nor guarantee any information obtained through an external link and is not responsible for any loss, complaint or harm derived from the use or wrong use of a link or any information obtained through it, including other links and webs, both when connecting the Portes i Finestres’ website and when accessing information from other websites from the Portes i Finestres website.